Our New Studio / Art Gallery

I cannot believe that our new Studio / Art Gallery in Stanford Square (just off Warwick Street in Worthing) has been open now for 4 weeks! It seems like only yesterday that we had the six hour long, alcohol fuelled opening party. Wonderful, with artists, colleagues, friends and neighbours old and new and people who have visited our open studios, some of whom since we started in Brighton in the 80’s.

mysticpool1detail We are now gradually becoming known and I am also beginning to get used to going to work again after several years adrift from Brighton University and the Creativity Centre. It was a bit of a shock at first though.

We are gradually managing to set up an area of the downstairs space as a working studio where I have done some drawing and intend to get the large easel in action for painting and Viv has been working on a new woodcut.

We are open until Saturday 13th December this week but will probably open for a couple of days towards the end of next week too.

We will re-open in the new-year with a new exhibition of our work arising from experiences visiting the pre-historic sites and caves such as Rouffignac, Font-de-Gaume and Lascaux in the Dordogne in France.

In the meantime


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