Responding to Ice Age Art

 In October 2011 Viv and I visited the pre-historic caves near Les Eyzies in the Dordogne and were totally amazed at the humanity and sophistication of work up to 37,000 years old. This set off a new series of work for me about my experience of seeing and interacting with these ancient images and my empathy as an artist with those who saw then as I do now! We have been back many times since researching this phenomenal art. The Pre-historic art hit me with a force which took me utterly by surprise.  It is not only amazing visually but often has great sophistication, integrity and skill.


The best known of the caves Lascaux and the Lascaux 2 experience (a reproduction of much of the now closed original cave) is surprisingly good and gives a real sense of being in a cave. My first painting from here is the ‘Falling Horse’ from an image right at the end of the tour. I have linked the horse with the strange, abstract shield shapes found nearby.


‘The Cow Jumped over the Moon’ emerged from one of my favourite images in Lascaux and it reminds me of the nursery rhyme. These paintings are not copies but about the feeling I get being surrounded by such intense imagery from 18.000 years ago.

I am writing in much more detail about my prehistoric adventures so keep an eye on our website.

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