Finding my mojo in Florence!


After feeling like I had been going around an art loop for so long, my perseverance, experimentation, thought and practice finally paid off. The pre-print or blot had in effect opened up a vision of new possibilities in mark and image making. I realised I had the potential of a new way of seeing and working and returned to the workshop with an idea to try. I wanted to work on a large scale to avoid becoming too fussy, so one of the tutors, Jane, found me a 1 by ½ meter transparent plate to work on and Viv said that we could join sheets of the Arches paper for printing. So I set off into a large piece related to my own ideas and imagery ‘falling horse’.

I drew out a full size cartoon, (in the original art meaning of the word) lay it under the transparent plate and began work. It took 3 ½ hours to work up the plate using rollers, pieces of card and brushes, to lay on the ink and draw into it. I printed it with Jane’s help and the result left me in awe. It was such a huge jump forwards for me. I worked on the print for another hour then Celebratory Prosecco on our hotel balcony, communing with the swifts.


Fired up with my new way of mark making I set off into another meter high print relating to theme I have been struggling with for over a year – the sun chariot. I drew out a cartoon very quickly and set off into another plate for nearly 4 hours. The pre-print lifted a little too much ink so more work on the plate, then through the press to create ‘the bringer of light’. Oh Wow! Yes, the image is not that well sorted but the energy!


The next day I added two more horses to the image on the cartoon, then using the ghost on the plate as a starting point, set off re-working the image. This took over 4 hours and an aching back and legs as most of the work needs to be done whilst standing.



It is great when one gets to release a log jammed practice and I would like to thank Ron and Jane for their patience and help and the support and encouragement of Viv and my fellow workshop artists.

If you want to see the work from the Florence trip do come to our Open Studios as part of the Worthing Artist’s Open House Trail, at Martin Studios, 7 Hythe Road Worthing, June 18, 19, 25, 26 and July 2 & 3 from 11am till 5pm. Info on



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