The Way from Eleusis

At last! After a year of struggling with this 2×1 metre triptych I have finally brought it to a satisfactory conclusion. If you want to see the painting and more work, come to Paul and Viv’s studios at 7 Hythe Road, Worthing We are open this weekend 2nd 3rd July from 11am to 5pm as part of the Worthing Artists Open Houses.

Way from Eleusis fin

It is so hard trying to paint the feeling of being there – of sitting on the ancient way from Eleusis, where the mysteries took place, looking towards the Parthenon in Athens. There is a constant noise of tourists and the city of Athens all around, yet in Keramikos, I am sitting in a haven of comparative peace surrounded by swallows, bees, butterflies, flowers and with a huge sense of timelessness and history. Phew – I want to be back there….

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