Firenze Workshop 2020

Viv and I were due to fly to Firenze tomorrow (May 3rd) for another experimental printmaking workshop with Ron Pokrasso and other American artist and friends. The terrible Corona virus has cancelled that, but Viv and I are determined to continue with the workshop from home so watch this space and facebook, as we will be posting updates on our progress!

I am planning, at present, to do a range of work about horses including ‘The Horses Apollo’s Sun Chariot’, ‘Horses of Selene’ and those of San Marco, Venice, in paint, drawing, print and any combinations of those materials This pic of my studio floor shows some past works and ideas but I have to warn you that so far I have never worked on my planned subject at the workshop so who knows what may happen!

Last year’s prints made in Akua inks, included direct monoprint life drawings, works about the temple of Nike, and horses of the sun and moon chariots.

The falling horses of the sun chariot was drawn in waxy chub sticks on a clear plastic plate. The plate then rolled up with transparent lifting agent and put through the press with dry Arches 88 paper.

These two prints are of the horses of Selene with a blood moon. We saw the full moon go down above the horse of Selene on the Acropolis one morning, a couple of years ago so more work to come at some point.

This print is the first go at the myth of Apollo’s son Phaeton, losing control of the chariot of the sun and it tearing the sky and creating the milky Way galaxy. The plate was rolled up with ink and the images drawn through with card, points and cotton buds, a technique I had noticed in some of Marino Marini’s work. There is an amazing museum of Marini’s work in Firenze – one of my favourite places to visit when there.

The last pic is of the Temple of Nike and is one of about 12 different versions. An on-the -spot sketch was the basis from which I did a wild ink drawing. Ron kindly made me an Image-on plate of this for a black tonal plate that would stand about 25 to 20 prints and I used this inked in black and another clear plate to paint and draw on in coloured inks. Each print was made up of at least two plates and some drawn on as well.

So lots as starting ideas but art is an adventure to an unknown place, so who knows what will happen!


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