Firenze workshop blog 2

Well Viv and I have completed the first 5 days of our home-based Firenze workshop. It is sad that we are not in the lovely surroundings of Firenze and with our fellow artist friends from America but we have worked hard and posted the results most days on facebook.

My main aim of the workshop was to loosen up my approach and do what Ron Pokrasso is always saying and let the work dictate its direction. So, I abandoned all my art plans in blog one and set off trying to paint a memory of 20 years ago, ‘The place where butterflies dance’ on a 4×3 foot canvas taped to the studio wall, which is the first pic.

My art problem for many years has been that a tough training and 53 years of painting in oils means that I am engaging those learned skills too much and too early and curtailing my creative process with rational thought! So, I am trying to overcome this and stay open to the possibilities arising from the idea and not getting too literal. Picture 2 is a 5×2 foot charcoal drawing from the same idea. I did start quite wild but then iris and butterfly shape appeared so a bit of a reversion to type happened.

So, I started another oil on canvas, 5×3 foot, of the magic encounter where the butterflies dance. Paint applied with oil bars, brushes, card, and zest thinners worked in, in places and I have now had 2 days on that painting – below. I am pleased in that I have kept the rawness and energy and not tightened up!

Also had another short session on the first painting which is developing its own character nicely – all I have to do is not get in the way!

I am pleased with my progress so far and after a day off will work back into the paintings and start another so I am having a good Firenze workshop so far and look forward to the real thing next year.

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